Want to create financial freedom in your own life as simply and as quickly as possible?

I've held nothing back from showing you exactly how I have created financial freedom in my own life and became a millionaire.

You Will Be Financially Free


What You Will Learn In This Book

  • Secret #1

Making your money work for you through my automated stock market investing strategy.

  • Secret #3

How to get your money invested even if you don't have the time to learn everything about the stock market.

  • Secret #5

How relying on someone else to manage your money for you is the most expensive mistake you will ever make, adding extra years to getting to retirement.

  • Secret #2

How investing in the stock market will work for you even if you believe you're not good at numbers or don't have a background in finance.

  • Secret #4

Why trying to 'Save' your way to retirement will never work and what you need to do instead.

  • Secret #6

How you can use my proven automated stock market investing strategy to make investing the least complicated way to get to a 7-figure net worth and retire.

  • Secret #7

How To Secure Your Freedom Once You Have Achieved Financial Freedom

  • Secret #9

Successfully Invest In Real Estate And The Stock Market To Get You To Financial Freedom Quicker

  • Secret #11

Figure Out Your Financial Freedom Number So Will Know EXACTLY What You Are Working Toward

  • Secret #8

Understand What Will Motivate You to Stay On The Path to Becoming Financially Free

  • Secret #10

Where You Should Be Putting Your Money And When To Make It To Financial Freedom

  • Plus

So much more!

You Will Be Financially Free

Here's a sneak peek at what you will discover inside my NEW Book

'You Will Be Financially Free'

My 5x2 Financial Freedom Framework

SECTION 1: Mindset

1. Start to believe you will become financially free.

2. Understand why you want financial freedom.

SECTION 2: Where You Are Now

1. Get your spending plan set up so you can figure out where you are currently.

2. Calculate your net worth so you'll know where are you starting from.

SECTION 3: Where You Are Going 

1. Figure out your financial freedom number. The exact amount you will need in order to retire.

2. When you want financial freedom to help you know how much you will need to be investing to get there.

SECTION 4: How Will You Get To Financial Freedom

1. Ways to increase your income and decrease your expenses (don't worry, we aren't getting rid of all the fun things you spend money on!).

2. Know exactly how to make your money work for you in the best way FOR YOU. There is a lot of time spent on this section so you can get it right!

SECTION 5: Secure Your Financial Freedom

1. We will talk about the smart ways to handle your money so you don't run out.

2. Money isn't made to just be kept to yourself, you will learn the importance of giving and how it comes back tenfold.

These are just the highlights. There's a lot more you don't want to miss out on!



What others are saying about Tiffany Thomas...



"I set up my brokerage account and made my first investment this week! 😊 I'm working on figuring out when I want to invest the rest and deciding where I want to put it. 🙂"


Tori & Chad

"We're invested! We've made our first investment, started moving old 401(k)s into better funds with higher return rates and lower expense ratios, and established a budget that includes funds earmarked for regular investing. This is so much easier and makes so much more sense than we expected!"



"I just made my first significant investment. Apparently I should have done it last week so I'd be up $1000 today. 😉 but it's done, it's there and I hope it will continue to grow! 💸 "



"Tiffany has a lot of investment knowledge which is great.

I thought the explanation of terms was valuable and I learned useful info.

My favorite part was learning about mutual funds. There’s a great overview of investing choices and terms, making sure you have your choices aligned with your goals."



"In the beginning of my financial freedom journey I was anxious and fearful about whether or not I was capable of sticking to any financial plan.

I also had reservations about trusting financial institutions. I met with Tiffany via zoom and it was like talking with someone I have known my whole life!

She also informed me about investing and the benefits of it.

During the process of working with Tiffany.…

I was able to pay off my credit card debt, establish an emergency fund… and gain confidence in my ability to become financially independent."

Who is Tiffany Thomas & Why Should I Read Her Book?

Tiffany Thomas wasn't raised in an upper-class family with lots of money.

She was raised in a middle-class home, with a pretty average upbringing.

She received her bachelor's degree in Marketing and went on to receive an MBA.

Tiffany worked in the international shipping industry and the food storage industry doing marketing.

She enjoyed her jobs, but knew there was more for her than the 9-5 grind until 65.

Tiffany was a great saver, but not so great at investing. Investing was scary and it felt overwhelming.

BUT, after seeing her boss and one of her close friends be so successful with investing she knew she needed to invest her money.

There was no way she would get to retirement by leaving her money in a savings account, not even keeping up with inflation.

She bought her first property at age 25.

It wasn't until about 10 years later that she bought her 2nd property, a 2 bed/2 bath rental.

And it was only a couple years before that that she started getting serious about investing in the stock market as well.

Tiffany ended up purchasing another property at age 36 and then another at age 37.

She was able to purchase her 4th property because she had invested money in the stock market and it had more than doubled in a short time. She pulled money out of the stock market to put toward her down payment.

By investing in the stock market & real estate, Tiffany was able to quit her 9-5 in her 30's and become a millionaire at age 40!

Once Tiffany got serious about investing her money, it didn't take long at all for her to be able to retire from her 9-5 and start her own business, helping others learn to invest their money to become financially free!

She wants to help you become financially free at even a younger age!

Here's some of her clients' results as well...



"Tiffany helped me reallocate my investment funds in my 401k three weeks ago. Today my eyes just about popped out of my head when I checked it and it has increased by $9k!! Thank you, Tiffany!!! 🎉 #babystepstofinancialfreedom"



"I set up my automatic investment this week! Eeeek! 😝 It feels amazing to be on this path of “making my money work for me” as Tiffany Thomas says. Thanks for your help in making this happen!"



"Stock market investing is not only, not as complex as I thought it would be, but it’s actually fun, it's exciting, it's motivating and it’s something that I really wish I would have begun sooner."



"I set up my brokerage account and made my first investment this week! 😊 I'm working on figuring out when I want to invest the rest and deciding where I want to put it. 🙂"



"...favorite part of the Mentoring program would be the calculator, that was suggested, to determine how many years I needed to work to retire and how much I needed to contribute."


Tori & Chad

"We invested our first chunk of money!”

"I feel way smarter today than I did 3 weeks ago."

Think about what you really want…

What it would be like to have your money working for you?

To know you are a successful investor?

To invest in yourself?

Be able to retire?

Become a millionaire?

Hit a 7-figure net worth?

Achieve financial freedom.

Have enough invested to cover your expenses without relying on your regular income.

No more unexpected deadlines, added responsibilities.

Sense of relief from the pressures of work.

To have time to spend on things important to you... 

Devote time to your hobbies, passions.

Spend more QUALITY time with family.

Travel more.

Feel rejuvenated.


Attend events, conferences, plays.

Prioritize your time the way you dream of,

without worrying about finances.

Reinvent yourself, try new things.

Find new opportunities to explore.

Become a happier, more fun-loving you.

Improve your health - physical and mental health.

Make time for exercise.

Eat healthier.

More time to focus on mental health - meditation.

No stressing about rushing to work, to do your errands, to make time for everything all at once.

Stress levels reduced in all areas.

Which also reduces healthcare costs.

No longer feel stressed about money.

Feel completely secure.

Completely taken care of.

If you had these things, would it make a difference in your life?

What would they be worth to you?

I remember sitting in the lunchroom with my co-worker talking about how much we would need to retire and if we’d ever be able to retire.

It was a major concern. We were both single - only relying on ourselves.

We aren't trust fund babies.

We didn't win the lottery.

Didn't receive an inheritance from a rich uncle.

And in case you're thinking it,

"A man is not a financial plan."

And vice versa.

There was no one else to take care of us.

And even if there was, wouldn't it be so much better to have this figured out on our own, sooner than later?

We don't want to be a burden to anyone else.

As I was chatting with her, I knew then that I needed to figure out how I would be able to retire.

How I could make my money work for me & even teach others how to do the same.

You Will Be Financially Free



Azania thought...

"I have no idea about the stock market. Never will. It’s too confusing. Too risky. And I never thought I would see the day I can actually start doing it myself without an external person doing it for me."

But after going through the program she said...

"The exercise of just seeing if I can invest a little bit, what it can become and what kind of life it will afford me in the future. It's really worth it.

I'm proud of myself for investing in you. For investing in this and it's just going to pay off, it will. I know. So thank you."


Kim thought...

"I was a little bit nervous about starting the Mentoring program. I did not feel confident or feel I had a basis for any of the information I was going to be learning; however, I was excited to start learning about the concepts and principles of investing. I had no clue about investing or what I should be doing."

But after going through the program she said...

"I think the biggest impact for going through the Mentoring program was simply learning what I needed to know to begin investing! 

It was easy to grasp and I could see where I was lacking as well as where I was surprising doing well for an amateur. It has motivated me to be more aware of my finances and where my money is going. It is also inspired me to analyze my retirement and use different methods other than the 401K my company provides."

What some of my clients say!


Yay!!!! I'm so excited... I've just opened and invested in my very first brokerage and Roth IRA accounts! :) It's great to feel more in control of my financial future. Thanks for all your help Tiffany!

Tori & Chad

The program isn’t just education, the program is doing the work. It's a program that doesn't just say you need to invest 20% of everything you make and figure out how to do it. It says, walk through and see where you want to be, now that you know where you want to be, you know what you need to do to get there. I really like that it walks you through it and you're doing the work so that it's done. It's not learn about it and hopefully you follow through, I mean you've already followed through by the time the program is over.


The biggest impact ... was simply learning what I needed to know to begin investing!


I love how easy you’ve made it, with these nice options, Tiffany. Thank you. It makes me so happy! I’m very happy with my course. I’m very happy with my instruction. I needed it. I spent since April trying to figure out how I could learn. It would be something I feel confident in doing because I know the options, I know what they are now. So it’s awesome, I’m happy with my program so far, thank you!


Tiffany has a lot of investment knowledge which is great….I thought the explanation of terms was valuable and I learned useful info. My favorite part was learning about mutual funds.There’s a great overview of investing choices and terms, making sure you have your choices aligned with your goals.


First of all, I loved the material!  There was so much I didn't know, it is very helpful. I felt like Tiffany explained things well and put it into words people are able to understand.

How Azania went from 'Investing is complex' to 'having fun investing.'

How Shayla changed her mindset to "I can do this!"

How Courtney went from "scared to invest" to "gaining the tools to do her own investments"

How Tori & Chad went from "overwhelmed" to "demystified and peace of mind"

You Will Be Financially Free


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